Biologi is amazing

Rabu, 01 Februari 2012


1.Explain the aplication of biotechnology in aspecs :
    a. Biotechnology in Food
    b. Biotechmology in Textile
    c. Biotechnology in Agriculture
    d. Biotechnology in Farm
    e. Biotechnology in Mining industry
    f. Biotechnology in Medical Field
    g.Biotechnology in Law and Justice

2.Explain the work principle of restriction endonuclease enzyme and ligase enzyme !

3.Why does Biotechnology  issue stir a lot of controvercy?

4.Mention some obstacles or problem in Biotechnology?

5. How does your opinion about of clonning in plant and in animal ?

TASK X.1,X.2,X.3

1.Mention of metagenesis Bryophyte!

2. What defferences between Tallophyte and Kormophyte ?

3. Name three benefits of Biologycal pest control !

4. What defferences between Insitu Concervation and Exsitu Concervatin  ?

5. What defferences animal biodiversity Oriental and Australial ?

6.Mention and Explain about of 3 levels Biodiversity !

7.Explain 3 kinds of Classification system ( natural, artificial,filogenetic ) !